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Chocolate muffins recipe

Chocolate muffins

I’ve just got extremely sad watching those gorgeous blogs with huge amount of great quality amazing pictures, including…
Sourdough Starter recipe gluten free

Sourdough Starter

I’ve been playing around with sourdough since I started my Breads & Rolls class in January. My mom…
Seven-Layer Cookies (Italian Rainbow/Flag Cookies)

Seven-Layer Cookies

I am a visual person; I remember directions by sight, things I read and math problems solved on…
Healthy Spicy Arrabbiata Lentil Pasta

Healthy Spicy Arrabbiata Lentil Pasta

Spicy Arrabbiata Sauce made even more healthier by serving over my favorite Lentil Pasta! Super quick & easy this Healthy Spicy Arrabbiata Lentil Pasta is extremely flavorful!
Mac and Cheese Pizza recipe

Mac and Cheese Pizza

Remember the other day when I tried dairy-free cheese in taquitos and I decided that vegan cheese isn’t all that bad when it’s done the right way?